Sole Picker was founded in 2010. It is a leading online and print publication that dives deep into footwear and the culture surrounding them. On Sole Picker, you’ll find the latest in footwear news, in-depth interviews, high-quality photography, and up-to-the-minute details on every major release. With an established sneaker forum, the site also offers an online marketplace where collectors can buy and sell rare and valuable sneakers.

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  • James Nguyen, Founder
  • Bruno Richard, Content Manager
  • Henry Williams, Marketing Manager

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It is sure to tell you that our customers are from all over the world, they may work as a doctor in the US or a sale supervisor in Japan. They have different jobs in different distance with distinctive taste, unique personalities, but the most common thing is that they totally trust us, we are best friends of them to help them choose the perfect pair of shoes. Now, you come to us, you become a part of our family. Let us be a part of your shopping journey!

How Products Are Rated

From what we see, we’ve changed, you’ve also changed along with the fast pace of the world, it makes us better. If you are our loyal customers, you may wonder how we rank our products while we keep up to date thousands of items every day, don’t you? Now, we share with you three common ways for us to evaluate and rate our products.

  • 1. Top Pick – This is our mid-range, but “best of both worlds” shoe. This product segment balances between a reasonable price and popularity. After studying, we jump to conlusion that our products satisfy every type of customer, particular in this segment, which has medium budget such as students or not very high salary workers, they still find confident and enjoyable to choose a footware from our selection.
  • 2. Premium Choice – This one is for those who are willing to pay a little extra to get the perfect items. With the wise consumers, they are aware of that” you get what you pay”, they want their shoes must be unique and valuable. This is a reason why this product segment is a little pricier than the rest. In fact, our products satisfy even fastidious customers with this type.
  • 3. Best Value – It’s two-way street when you come to us. You care about our product quality, and we care about your experience. So we always keep in mind to bring you the best value, best experience as you use our shoes, both benefit to your physical state and buil-up your self-confidence.

To be honest, none of the products we’ve reviewd on this site are paid. It shows that our team care and understand customers’ anxiety when buying goods, so we take time to consider the best products to recommend you. If you are a manufacturer or wholesaler and you are confident in your products that it should be featured to get closer to customer, please feel free to contact us.

Guides for Buyers

Buying online is consider to be a tricky business. To make it easier for you, we’ve taken a while to do deeper into details of each product to seek for the similarities as well as differences. For example, when buying a climbing shoe, it is important to factor in the following elements: leather vs synthetic, outsole, style and closure, and the “last”. In that case you want to come to specialized store in order to ask the expert’s advice. But we have an other solution. Let’s see.

To save your time, we provide the full of information for you right here, it is really easy to read layout. Flick between pages and models, check out the buyers guide located above on beneath the products on every product review. And choose which fits you.

Expert Industry Advice

Expert advice is essential to understand and diffentiate the top product. Therefore, we’ve consulted and collected accurate information from industry experts and super-users before reviewing and ranking products.

Consumer Feedback

Finally, we look at real world feedback and optionals from customers, who have already purchased and used the shoes. This enables us to get a second opinion on each shoe from people who have worn them for many months already. Something you cannot get when visiting a store.

By analyzing this feedback, we are able to figure out patterns in durability, comfort, pro and cons of each shoe. This helps our review team provide you with an accurate break down, before you buy.

Who Are We?

So, who are we, and why listen to us? We’ll come out and say it – we are people with –slight– shoe obsessions. Some of the team prefer comfy trainers, and some of us prefer heels – but we all have one thing in common… We love high quality shoes, that look and feel great, while also being top notch for the purpose they are intended.

We started SolePicker when some of us concluded that we couldn’t find all the information we needed about certain shoes online. Times are changing, and we all know that many of us now choose to shop online – so we’d say it’s pretty vital that the information we need is online, so we can make the right choice first time.

We’d love to hear from you, if you want to chat – we don’t bite (much). Contact us.