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Basketball Shoes FAQ

Looking to ball out at your local court, but not sure if your kicks will work out? No worries, in the following we’ll break down some important questions you will have about basketball shoes. If you want to become the next Steph Curry or just get some extra cardio in during the week, having a good pair of basketball sneakers is important. Here we’ll answer such questions like, “What are basketball shoes?” to “Where can I find basketball shoes?” If you have any questions regarding basketball sneakers, don’t stop reading!

  • What are basketball shoes?

Basketball shoes are athletic wear specifically put together for the hardwood. These shoes typically come with strong heel and ankle support, strong traction, and stylish aesthetic. If you play basketball regularly, or just once in a blue moon, a pair of well-made shoes will improve your game. It will allow you to make cuts and crossovers just like Allen Iverson. They are also a good safety measure. Low-quality shoes can lead to ankle or muscle injuries that can be tedious to recover from.

  • What type of shoes are basketball shoes?

Basketball shoes can come in three different forms: lows, mids, and highs. This refers to the placement of the shoe’s “top”. Low-tops are recommended for smaller, quicker players that rely on their agility. These shoes tend to be more lightweight and flexible. The drawback being is that you become more susceptible to rolling or spraining your ankle. Low-tops offer less cushioning and support.

Mid-tops are said to be the safer option. They offer more versatility than a low or high and are probably the most popular form of basketball shoes today. Mids come with strong ankle support while maintaining some flexibility that the highs don’t. You gain more stability but sacrifice some agility.

High-tops used to be the norm in the world of basketball. Think those old school Converses. However, trends change. As you could probably guess, high-tops offer advantages in ankle support, cushioning, and stability. But they come with a cost. They’re typically heavier than the other two alternatives and sometimes have a clunky appearance.

Is one better than the others? Well, it depends on your personal preferences and playstyle. If you’re a ball-handler that’s always slashing left to right, maybe a low-top is good for you. But, maybe, if you’re someone that’s has a history of ankle injuries, stick to the highs.

  • I already have a pair of athletic shoes, do I really need a different pair to play basketball?

Yes! I cannot stress this enough. A regular pair of athletic shoes can put you in danger of serious injury. Basketball is an athletic sport that requires agile movement that places a lot of stress on your ligaments and muscles. Basketball shoes can also improve your game due to their design and stability. You really need the traction for those wood floors. If you want to play at your best ability while minimizing the risk of injury, it is best to get a pair of quality basketball kicks.

  • Where can I find basketball shoes?

You can find basketball shoes everywhere! They’re not only athletic wear, but they’ve also become a fashion accessory. Nike, Adidas, and even New Balance carry basketball footwear! You can pretty much find basketball kicks at any mall near you. Additionally, they’re quite easy to find online on Amazon or other e-commerce sites. The only danger in ordering online is that you won’t be able to try them on beforehand, which is incredibly important for basketball shoes. If you’re ordering online, it’s a good idea to go to a store nearby to try them on in person before making the purchase.

  • When should I replace them? How long do they last?

The life expectancy of your basketball sneakers depends on the frequency of play, playstyle, and quality of the shoe. If you’re someone that’s constantly slashing with plenty of lateral movement, your shoes will definitely be placed under more stress. Be sure to have court specific shoes. You don’t want to use your outdoor pair indoors, or vice-versa. Outdoor courts tend to destroy your shoe grip faster than indoor. It’s a good idea to replace as soon as you start noticing your grip weakening.

  • Does it hurt to break them in? Will I be in pain?

It depends! This often depends on the person. But, it is important to break in your basketball shoes. You may feel some discomfort the first few times you play, but after that, you’ll hardly feel a thing! It’s good to even spend some time walking with them around the house before you take them on the court for the first time. I know it sounds silly, but it really helps with the process!

  • Is it possible to wear orthotics with my basketball shoes?

Of course! Although, sometimes you will have to go a size up. Many basketball players wear orthotics, and basketball shoe companies recognize this. As mentioned above, the mids and highs offer the best stability so if you’re someone that needs orthotic insoles, then I recommend staying away from lows. With orthotics, your shoes have a chance of breaking down faster, and lows already come with a weaker structure.

  • I don’t want to buy expensive basketball shoes? Can I go for a cheaper pair?

The short answer is yes. However, with cheaper shoes, you definitely make a sacrifice in quality and durability. The traction will noticeably wear in a short amount of time, and there’s less guaranteed stability. A better shoe can last you years. A good idea is to check out any outlet stores near you. They will often offer older shoe lines at a discount. You just want to ensure that the shoe is comfortable, fits well, and offers the support you need.

Basketball is an excellent form of exercise that combines teamwork with cardio. It is great for people of all ages and sizes. Basketball shoes are a worthy investment, even if you’re playing at a casual level. You want to keep your ankles safe and crush it out there. I hope this FAQ answered some of your more important questions about basketball kicks.

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