Best Bouldering Shoes 2019 Recommended

The best bouldering shoes 2019 should be comfortable and have toe and ankle support. Protecting your toes with the best bouldering shoes is the job done.

Bouldering Shoes FAQs

  • Like To Climb?

More and more people are getting into the thrill of climbing and bouldering. Not only is this a great way to stay in shape, but because bouldering requires strategy just as much as brute strength, the activity offers stimulation for those who tend to get bored working out quickly. With more and more gyms cropping up all over the place offering climbing walls and unique bouldering challenges, you may find yourself wanting to try your hand at the adventurous and thrilling activity. However, before you powder your hands and start your climb, you may want to consider your equipment. Some of the most famous boulderers make sure that they are equipped properly for a good and safe climb. One of those pieces of equipment is bouldering shoes. If you want to get into bouldering, then you’re going to need to know everything you can about buying the proper bouldering shoes.

  • What Are Bouldering Shoes?

If you’re just starting out with climbing and bouldering, then you likely thought that you could just wear your regular gym shoes and call it a day. While some climbers do just wear their normal gym shoes, professional boulderers use a specialized kind of shoe. Called bouldering shoes, these piece of footwear are designed in such a way to help climbers dig their feet into crevices of the wall–or cliff–that they’re climbing. The unique shape is essentially what sets bouldering shoes apart from regular gym shoes. They’re thick but light enough not to weigh down your feet when you’re moving. More importantly, however, they all sport a unique arch designed to hook and squeeze into those tight crevices in order to offer you some support.

  • What Type Of Shoes Are Bouldering Shoes?

As briefly mentioned before, bouldering shoes are basically light-weight athletic shoes. They do come in different styles though, so you may find that some are more lightweight than others. An emphasis is placed on durability since you’re going to be ramming them against the stone. As such, the exterior is quite hard. Some of the shoes are quite breathable while others offer more protection. They also contain a rubber sole and ankle protection. You may also get confused by those who sell their shoes as climbing shoes. Essentially, they’re the same thing, except that bouldering shoes are made specifically for bouldering. So, if you’re looking to procure yourself a set of bouldering shoes, then look in the climbing area and make sure that you buy the ones with the down-turned arch.

  • I Already Have Gym Shoes – Do I Really Need Bouldering Shoes?

Most definitely. That is if you want to give yourself the best chance you can for climbing. Gym shoes can certainly protect your feet and be lightweight enough to lift yourself with ease. However, they’re often also too bulky in order to reach into those tight crevices found in stone walls and gym walls. They also typically don’t offer the same support as bouldering shoes do. Many bouldering shoes also come with Velcro instead of tie-laces. This is an important feature because it allows climbers to easily remove their shoes now and then in order to let their feet breathe. That and ties might end up snagging, and you could find yourself in a pickle. Bouldering shoes were made for just that–bouldering. They’ll offer you a competitive edge that gym shoes can’t.

  • Where Can I Find Bouldering Shoes?

Because bouldering shoes aren’t your standard sneakers or athletic wear, you might have to search a bit in order to find them. However, that being said, you can usually find a few good sets of bouldering shoes in a sport’s store that has a climbing and bouldering section. If you don’t happen to have any good-quality sports stores around you, then you can always rely on online stores. However, it’s usually a good idea to first buy your bouldering shoes in person, so you know what size and style you prefer. Otherwise, you’ll have to play the Return game for online purchases that don’t quite fit right. Once you know your size and shape, however, you can easily order them online at Amazon or any bouldering shoe brand store. In fact, you may find more styles online than in physical stores. Again, you just want to make sure you know the size that you need when it comes to bouldering shoes specifically.

  • How Long Does A Pair Of Bouldering Shoes Last?

The length of time that bouldering shoes last largely has to do with a few variables. Certain brands last longer than others because they make a higher quality of a shoe. A brand like La Sportiva Solution, for example, can last anywhere from a year to a year and a half. Cheaper shoes will likely fall apart faster. Typically, those who buy cheaper shoes find that their shoes last anywhere from four months to eight months. This is largely due to how often they use them and how they treat them while they use them. For example, if their footwork isn’t the best and they have to keep scraping their shoes against the wall, then their shoes aren’t going to last long. For those who have excellent footwork, however, their shoes will likely last longer. If you want to make sure that your shoes are going to last as long as they can, then you should invest in a good brand that makes durable shoes, and make sure that you do what you can to preserve them.

Bouldering is an excellent hobby and workout for those who like to challenge themselves and often get tired of the same old routine in the gym. With the activity becoming more and more popular, it’s easier than ever to find a wall to climb. With bouldering shoes equipped, you should find it easier than ever to reach those spectacular sights.

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