Best Bowling Shoes 2019 Recommended

Who actually enjoys renting bowling shoes at the bowling alley. Why not just bring your own. Have a look at the best bowling shoes on the market.

Bowling Shoes FAQs

Are you thinking about getting a good pair of bowling shoes but not sure which ones to purchase? Use the following in-depth Q and A to help you find that perfect pair. Here we will answer all of your questions from ”What are bowling shoes made of?” to ”What size should I get?.” Keep reading to find the answers to all of your bowling shoe questions.

  • What are bowling shoes?

Bowling shoes are different from your typical sneaker due to their sole. The sole of a bowling shoe is soft and won’t have any obvious heel. There is also a sliding pad on each shoe that you can change in order to adjust the friction on different alleys. The heel of the bowling shoe is normally made of rubber. This makes it easier for you to stop your slide once you let go of the ball. Those people that bowl often or competitively may choose custom bowling shoes that will have a rubber sole on the none-sliding foot and a soft and slippery one on the foot they use to slide.

  • What are bowling shoes made of?

Quality bowling shoes are made from leather or a synthetic leather material. This is also used to manufacture the sole of the shoe in order to give it the necessary slide it will need. Most bowling shoes will look similar to saddle shoes in their design with a contrasting color “saddled” across the top of the foot.

  • What size bowling shoe should I buy?

Most bowling shoes are true to size, but this can be a misleading phrase when talking about any type of shoe. Each manufacturer’s shoe, as well as each design style, will have a slightly different cut which causes them to all fit differently. Your best bet is to try them on in person. If ordering them online, choose your normal athletic shoe size and they should be pretty close. Check the return policy, just in case.

  • Do I really need bowling shoes?

The main reason you want to wear bowling shoes is to get that necessary slide. Bowling alleys won’t insist you wear an actual bowling shoe, but they do want the shoes to be worn only when bowling. Street shoes can track in dirt, grit, and water that may damage the lanes. Since you have to buy a special pair just for playing, you might as well invest in an actual bowling shoe that can help your game.

  • Where can I buy bowling shoes?

You can find decent bowling shoes at just about any store that sells shoes, but if you are looking for a really good pair to help your game, begin your search at a sporting goods store. There are also a number of online retailers offering high-quality bowling shoes at a wide range of prices. Check out online auction sites if it is a bargain you are after.

  • Do bowling shoes need to be broke in?

The upper portion of your new bowling shoes will be just like any other type of shoe when it comes to breaking them in. Simply wear them around the house on the carpeting for a little while each day until they feel comfortable. Make sure you don’t go outside in them. As far as sliding goes, this will happen naturally as you wear them more and more and care for them. Each game you play in them will allow them to slide better. Expect it to take a few bowling sessions before they feel and slide just right.

  • When should I replace my bowling shoes?

There is no set time limit with a bowling shoe. You simply replace them as often as needed. If you frequently bowl, you may find yourself replacing them every few years but if you are a casual bowler that plays once a week on a local league, they could last you ten or more years as long as you take care of them. If they get wet, you are out of luck. Stepping in a spilled soda or having them on outside in the weather will require immediate replacement unless you paid extra for interchangeable soles. These soles can be peeled off and replaced. You might also consider replacing your bowling shoes if the upper portion is looking shabby. The appearance won’t affect your game in any way, but you might enjoy a newer looking pair. So unless the shoes are worn and tattered, or they have been damaged by liquids, you can keep your bowling shoes for many years to come before having to invest in a new pair.

  • Is it worth the money to buy bowling shoes for children?

If your child is simply bowling with family and friends every now and again, you can skip buying actual bowling shoes. Since most bowling alleys have shoes available to rent, this might be your better option. This is especially true for younger kids who’s feet are still growing. By renting shoes, they will get a feel for what type of bowling shoes they like the best. Once they hit their early teens and their feet stop growing so rapidly, you can invest in a nice pair of bowling shows that they will be able to use for quite some length of time. The exception would be a young child that bowls several times a week or participates in competitions. They will benefit from having their own pair, and it will eliminate any worries you may have about renting shoes.

  • How do I care for my bowling shoes?

Immediately disinfect your shoes after each wear. Keep them in a clean, dry bag, and store than in a cool and dry area. You can occasionally clean the soles with a wire brush. Gently scrub them with the brush to make the soles fluffy. This allows them to continue to slide property.

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