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Boxing Shoes FAQs

Are you looking for a good pair of boxing shoes, but you aren’t sure what to buy? This comprehensive list of Q and A will help you determine what shoe is right for your individual needs. We will cover a wide range of questions such as ”What is a boxing shoe?” and ”How do I know what size to buy?” Keep reading to find the answers to all of your boxing shoe questions.

  • What are boxing shoes?

Boxing shoes are designed to help you train better when it comes to the sport of boxing. They will allow sweat to evaporate quickly while keeping your feet dry. Boxing shoes also have plenty of traction in order to help keep you on your feet and to grip the surface you train on. They are also a lighter weight shoe which means you will maintain your agility when it comes to quick movements.

  • What are boxing shoes made out of?

Although you can find ones that are constructed with synthetic materials, lightweight suede or leather is usually recommended. The textured soles are made of rubber, and some manufacturers incorporate mesh into their design to help prevent them from becoming too heavy with sweat.

  • What size boxing shoe should I buy?

Boxing shoes very in their sizing from one brand to the next. Even the style of the shoe will change the sizing. The best way to ensure a good fit is to try them on in person, but if you need to order them, start by getting your feet measured. Exercise and the heat of the day can affect the size of your foot. Have them measured at the end of the day. Order according to the results. Usually the size is the same as you would normally wear, but just in case there is a problem, make sure there is a good return policy in place.

  • What ankle height is best?

Boxers stand tall and can fall without any warning. This puts boxers at a great risk for broken ankles. Boxing shoes are designed with a higher ankle for this reason. It is held in place with either hook and loop straps or laces. Tall boxing shoes may be as high up the calf as 12 inches. Low top versions are available, but most boxers wrap their ankles when using them.

  • What kind of soles do boxing shoes have?

Boxing shoe soles are very smooth. This allows you to make quick movements while on the canvas. Some traction is provided by grooves and texture cut into the sole. You need some traction for backward and forward movements. Soles are thin with very little to no padding in them. The sport is done on a softer surface so boxing shoe designers worry more about making a lightweight product than a comfortable shoe.

  • Where can I buy boxing shoes?

Boxing shoes are not readily available at every sporting goods store. If you don’t have a specialty shop that deals with boxing equipment nearby, you will have to order them from an online retailer. Do an online search for the best prices as well as a high-quality shoe. Some people will train in their normal athletic shoes, but those serious about the sport, like practicing in actual boxing shoes so that they become accustomed to the weight and feel of the shoes.

  • Are boxing shoes breathable?

Boxing shoes have permeability that allows your sweat to evaporate. Fluid can pass through them easily which makes them useless outdoors. If you walk through water, your feet will get wet. In the ring, this quality means that your feet will stay cooler and drier for longer than they would in regular athletic shoes. Some designs will even include mesh windows to further improve their breathability.

  • What color are boxing shoes?

There is no one set color for boxing shoes. When boxers once searched out basic black shoes, they now use their footwear to express their personal style. Just like any style of shoe, you can find everything from plain white high-tops to eye-catching shimmering golds. Many now use a two-tone design to bring you even more options when it comes to color. Although the color has nothing to do with the shoe’s performance, you can have a lot of fun picking hues that reflect who you are.

  • Can I run in Boxing Shoes?

Running in a pair of boxing shoes can damage the shoe as well as hurt your knees and feet. They are definitely not designed for this type of activity. While running can be a bug part of a boxer’s normal workout, one should change into a high-quality pair of running shoes when jogging. Leave the boxing shoes in the ring. They are flat and tend to bend on the bottom very easily. This is not anywhere near the support needed for running.

  • Are boxing shoes the same thing as wrestling shoes?

Wrestling and boxing shoes are similar. Both are form-fitting, lightweight, and have a boot shape. The differences are subtle, but well worth looking into. You will want to make sure you are buying a shoe that is appropriate for boxing. Because wrestlers are less likely to fall from a full standing position, their shoes don’t offer as much support. Wrestlers do fall, but it is more calculated and they are prepared for it. Another big difference is the soles. Where boxing shoes are soft and flexible, wrestling shoes have rigid soles that firmly grip the wrestling mat.

  • How often should I replace my boxing shoes?

As with any shoe, you may want to replace them once they begin looking tattered or worn. This is especially true if the soles don’t offer the traction and slip you need, or they have lost their breathability. How often you were them will determine how soon before they wear out.

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