Best Crossfit Shoes 2019 Recommended

Finding best shoes for Crossfit in 2019 is easy: follow this buying guide to the best crossfit shoes to find info on fit, features, prices and more.

Crossfit Shoes FAQs

Shopping for crossfit shoes can be an overwhelming experience. Ill-fitting and worn-out running shoes can cause injuries, pains, and even aches. However, athletes can get the most out of their running experience by investing in a decent pair of crossfit boots. Most athletes often wonder how they can find the right footwear for their next outdoor activity. The following are some of the questions athletes should ask themselves before heading to a shoe store.

  • What Size Fits Me?

Athletes might be surprised to learn that the size of their crossfit boots changes over time. A host factors such as pregnancy and aging can cause feet of an athlete to change in size. Experts recommend athletes to read various shoe sizing blogs and have their feet measured by a professional.

  • What Conditions will I be Training in?

Of course, crossfit shoes should feel as comfortable as possible to lower blistering and irritation risk. Athletes might also need to choose a pair of shoes that are appropriate to their environment. For example, crossfit shoes for dry areas should be equipped with ventilation technology and wicking properties. Of course, no athlete wants to race in a sweaty sneaker. In contrast, athletes should wear merino wool running socks when running in cold conditions. However, these socks should resist odor and be breathable and warm enough. A Gore-tex upper crossfit boot works well in wet conditions and can keep water out. An athlete running in ankle-deep water should avoid waterproof boots as the water will lack space to escape.

  • What Fit and Size Do I Need?

Athletes should look for a crossfit shoe that fits them to avoid injuries and blisters. Of course, athlete’s feet tend to expand when having rigorous workouts, so athletes might need to consider buying a half-size up running boot. Such as shoe will leave a little extra room in the toe box and increase their comfort. However, athletes might need to first determine their feet width before shopping around for the best crossfit boot. While most crossfit brands are built on a standard width, some can be narrower or wider than usual. Nowadays, running brands are coming in different widths to accommodate the extremes.

  • What is the Condition of My Terrain?

Of course, an athlete might need to consider the conditions of the surfaces they will be running on before choosing the correct sole unit. For example, on and off crossfit boots will require trends with enough lugs for grip. These boots also have to be durable enough to prevent wear and tear. Whereas on road shoes should have hard-wearing and shallow treads, off-road crossfits should be fitted with deep lugs for stability and maximum traction. Off road boots are responsive to help protect an athlete against any uneven terrain. These boots are also less cushioned than other regular shoes because rough terrains can cushion the feet of an athlete. Of course, every athlete wants responsive, streamlined, and lightweight racing shoes for higher performance. Off road shoes provide little support and are usually cushioned and are as durable as other sports shoes.

Athletes may also opt for barefoot shoes that allow their feet to move without any interference. These shoes range from transitional models to super minimal ones that include a minimal sole and upper. Transitional crossfit boots offer a compromise between a barefoot style and traditional running shoe with some cushioning and protection. Transitional crossfit models are an excellent choice when an athlete wants to run barefoot. However, athletes that will be hitting the gym will need a boot with a ventilation system, lightweight mesh upper, lateral support, and excellent cushioning for side to side movement. Durability isn’t a concern in gym shoes because the treadmill will be a smooth terrain. However, athletes should go for a non-marking outsole to avoid damaging the surfaces of any gym.

  • Which Pronation Do I Belong to?

Pronation refers to the ability of the lower part of the leg to absorb shock naturally. It is a movement of the foot from the toe to the heel strike. Also known as neutral runners or supinators, under pronators refer to people that have a high, but fixed arch. These are people that run on their toes, and cushioned shoes are their best choice. Conversely, overpronators have flat feet and required a crossfit shoe designed to limit or slow down the rolling of their ankle or foot. Mild pronators, on the other hand, fit between the two extremes and require a more stable shoe than the rest.

  • How Many Miles Will I be running Every Week?

The higher mileage an athlete will be running, the more they need a crossfit boot with a midsole and support features that can’t breakdown. As such, athletes that will be clocking up rough terrains might need to invest in a more cushioned shoe to reinforce their key wear areas and reduce the impact of friction.

  • How Do I Care for my Crossfit Boots?

While caring for running shoes can prove tricky at sometimes, taking care of crossfit boots means that the investment of an athlete will last longer and look charming all the time. For example, long crossfit shoes pose more issues regarding maintaining their shape than short ones. Likewise, running shoes made of suede might require different cleaning methods that might be costly. Certain types of crossfit boots get dirty more quickly than others, especially when they are exposed to dirt. In short, every crossfit boot will have different sets of needs when it comes to maintenance and caring about them. Of course, every athlete wants to know the needs of their running shoes. Luckily, various fashion sites are full of resources that athletes can leverage to learn how to care about their sneakers. Taking time to consider certain factors before purchasing a crossfit boot can be the difference between buying a boot that will wear out quickly and purchasing a quality boot that will last a lifetime.

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