Best Driving Shoes 2019 Recommended

Driving is a task that involves the use of the brain and the feet at times. If you want to browse the best driving shoes 2019 out there, check our list.

Best Driving Shoes for Men

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Driving Shoes FAQs

Have you heard a lot about driving shoes but you are not sure what they are or if you even need them? This comprehensive list of questions and answers will explain exactly what they are as well as help you find the perfect pair. We will answer a wide range of questions such as ”Where can I buy driving shoes?” and ”What size should I buy?”

  • What are driving shoes?

Driving shoes are also referred to as ”driving loafers” or ”drivers.” They are simply slip-on style shoes that have soles and a heel counter with rubber dots or nubs on them. The upper portion of the shoe might have laces, tassles, or some other type of decoration. They are available in a variety of materials, and they resemble slippers with their lightweight construction and comfort. Driving shoes also come in a wide range of colors and are made by manufacturers all of the world.

  • What material are driving shoes made out of?

Many of the available driving shoes are made out of leather or suede. You will also find them constructed from a material called nubuck. Nubick is a leather that comes from cowhide, but it has had its outer side rubbed until it resembles suede. You might even come across driving shoes made from exotic skins. The soles of driving shoes are fashioned out of rubber to offer even more grip in addition to the nub design.

  • What is the purpose of driving shoes?

Driving shoes where first patented in 1963. They were designed for those that drove Italian roadsters, and they quickly became known as a shoe for the rich. Not everyone could afford to buy a pair of shoes specifically for driving a car, especially ones made from luxury materials like leather. As time went by, they became more mainstream while still holding a prestigious place in the world of fashion. Today, most people wear driving shoes simply for comfort and their dressy casual style.

  • Can driving shoes be used as a daily shoe?

They are called driving shoes and were designed to make driving easier, but this doesn’t mean you have to be driving a car in order to put them on. Driving shoes are an excellent fashion choice when you are going out for an evening. They look great and are quite comfortable when eating dinner in a restaurant, watching a movie at the theater, or even strolling through the local mall, but you may want to rethink your footwear choice if you plan to do excessive walking or hiking. They simply aren’t made to be an everyday shoe. The unique nubs incorporated into the sole can wear down quickly. They are best kept to occasional use only.

  • What colors do driving shoes come in?

The number of colors that driving shoes can be found in seems unlimited. This is one of the few shoes that come in bright, attention-grabbing hues as well as softer neutrals. If you are feeling a bit on the wild side, go for the bold oranges, reds, blues, and greens. Those that like a more toned down look will easily find driving shoes available in black, brown, and tan. Even white is a popular color option for anyone that can’t decide which way to go.

  • Where can I buy driving shoes?

Driving shoes have become a popular staple to a well-rounded wardrobe, and many retailers now carry them. You can find driving shoes in high-end brick and mortar stores as well as through many online sites. If you are looking for an actual driving shoe with the unique nubbed soles, carefully look the shoe over before buying as there are several cheaper versions that look like a driving shoe, but they feature a traditional sole rather than the specially designed gripping one.

  • What size driving shoe should I buy?

When shopping for a good pair of driving shoes, you will look for your normal shoe size. Have the professionals at your local shoe store measure your foot to help determine if you have the right size, but the only sure fired way to get a good fit is to try them on in person before making a purchase. If you are shopping online for your shoes, read customer reviews to determine if they run small, large, or true to size. You will also want to check their return policy to ensure you can exchange them if they don’t fit properly.

  • Should I wear socks with my driving shoes?

You can most certainly wear socks with your driving shoes, but if you want to follow the original trend, skip the socks. The idea behind the original driving shoe was casual comfort. They were worn buy upper-class Italian car owners that left the socks at home. Although you often see people wearing regular socks with their driving shoes now, many still choose to go barefoot inside of them or wear no-show socks that won’t interfere with the look.

  • What style of clothes are worn with driving shoes?

Driving shoes have been associated with fashion from the beginning, so it is important to continue the tradition. They are a casual shoe that has a dressy look and feel. This allows men to wear them to the office with a suit as a more comfortable option than other footwear that is available. They can just as easily be worn with casual pants or even jeans if the shirt or sweater has a more elevated style. They even look good with shorts as long as the entire outfit isn’t too casual.

  • How long will driving shoes last?

Driving shoes are constructed with quality materials such as high-end leather uppers and thick rubber for the soles. This makes them durable, and they should last for quite some time with normal wear. Keep in mind that daily wear will wear the nubs on the sole down quicker.

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