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Parkour Shoes FAQs

One of the most interesting and dangerous activities that have gained rapid popularity is parkour. Those who perform parkour often see it as a lifestyle rather than just a way to stay fit. They choose the more difficult path instead of the easy cleared path ahead. They look for challenges to defeat rather than opt for easier pathways already traveled. Parkour itself is an excellent means for becoming fit, too. It typically requires a great deal of running and fast movement. Leaping, jumping, balancing, and flexibility are all required to be a successful parkourer. As a result, your body is constantly challenged. It also requires rapid thinking, so it challenges your mind just as well. For those who want to get in on parkour, you may wonder just what sort of shoes you should wear.

Sadly, there aren’t many parkour-specific shoe brands out there. As such, professional parkourers have had to make do with re-purposing athletic shoes. Because of this, it’s easy to choose the wrong kind of shoes to use for parkour. This article will endeavor to shed some light on the most frequently asked questions about parkour shoes, so you can choose the ones right for you and start forging your own trail, too.

  • What Are Parkour Shoes?

While there isn’t a specific brand of parkour shoes, at least not one mainstream, parkour shoes are essentially lightweight, athletic, shoes that provide are usually used for running or hiking. Each parkourer typically likes their shoes in different ways. Some prefer shoes that are more durable while others prefer those that are a bit softer, so they can balance better. Essentially, parkour shoes can be any lightweight shoe. The details are up to the individual to determine what else they need in a shoe to be the most successful at parkouring.

  • What Types Of Shoes Are Parkour Shoes?

As discussed before, athletic shoes make up the brunt of parkour shoes. Typically, those who perform parkour take running shoes or shoes that are made for the trail and wear them when they perform parkour instead. This is because these shoes are often the most lightweight. This is an important detail for parkour because you need to be able to easily lift your legs when you jump. Anything that weighs your feet down is going to interfere with parkour. The soles also differ from individual to individual. Some prefer hard rubber soles because it provides the best shock absorption. This can be an excellent feature for those who jump and need a soft landing in order to reduce injury. However, others prefer rubber soles that are softer because it helps with gripping and balancing. They can feel rails underneath their feet a lot easier and have a better time of balancing on it.

  • I Already Have Gym Shoes – Do I Need New Shoes For Parkour?

It really depends. If your gym shoes are lightweight, then you’re already headed in the right direction. However, if they’re too bulky or they don’t have a lot of grip on the bottom, then you might find yourself slipping easily and falling when you perform parkour. As such, it might be a better idea to invest in a different shoe specifically for parkour. One that is also lightweight but has additional features like a soft rubber sole that doesn’t have a slippery plastic arch.

  • Where Do I Find Parkour Shoes?

Luckily, parkour shoes are easy to find. At least, they are if you’re just repurposing running shoes. You can easily find an assortment of running shoes at any shoe store. Try your hand at a few of them to determine what fit is best for you and which variables like hard or soft soles work best. You may also be able to find shoes specifically made for parkour online. It is extremely rare that you’re going to find parkour shoes in an actual store unless you go to a sport’s store that has a parkour section. By and large, however, you’re going to simply find repurposed running shoes.

  • How Long Does Parkour Shoes Last?

Since you’re going to be running on pavement and other hard surfaces, your shoes likely won’t last that long. This is especially true if you intend to parkour a lot. You’re going to be performing actions that can cause a lot of wear on them. As such, you may find that your shoes can last–at most–around a year. That’s if the shoes you’re wearing are high-quality and you performed parkour sparingly. For those who are going to parkour frequently with less than excellent quality of shoes, you’ll likely find that they wear down quickly. So, you may get somewhere from four to six months with a pair. Largely, it depends on how much wear you put on them.

  • Does It Hurt To Break Parkour Shoes In?

Since parkour shoes are essentially running shoes, it depends on how your feet do with running shoes. If the fit is good, you likely won’t run into too many issues. However, since you’re going to be running a lot and twisting your feet in slightly odd angles now and then, the skin of your foot is going to be rubbing against the shoe in places it typically doesn’t. As such, you’re likely going to find yourself blistering a bit until those areas are used to having contact made. Parkour is hard on the feet and you’ll likely find your shoes need to be a bit broken into before they start hurting.

Parkour is a fun and challenging activity that can put anyone’s skills to the rest. It can improve your endurance, flexibility, and balance. With the right parkour shoes in hand, you can improve your flexibility and balance from the start. By reading through these questions, hopefully, you can find the perfect set of parkour shoes for you.

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