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Do you have your pickleball paddle? Check. How about some comfy shoes to play in? Have a look at the best pickleball shoes to wear for playing a game of pickleball.

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Pickleball Shoes FAQs

Are you crazy about the game of pickleball? Maybe you love nothing better than to head out to the pickleball court to spend an afternoon smacking the ball back and forth with a friend. If so, you need the right type of shoes if you’re going to achieve champion pickleball player status. Checkout some answers to frequently asked questions such as, ‘What are pickleball shoes?’, ‘How long do pickleball shoes last?’, and, ‘Can I wear regular sneakers to play pickleball?’ The answers to these questions and others are sure to help you find the perfect shoes for playing your best pickleball!

  • What are pickleball shoes?

In order to learn about pickleball shoes, you first have to know about the game of pickleball. Pickleball is played on a tennis court using lightweight paddles and a whiffle ball. Players run all over the court, reverse direction and stretch to hit the ball back to their opponent. In short, a good pickleball player needs a durable pair of shoes made of breathable material with a supportive midsole and a sole with plenty of traction for quick movements.

  • Can I wear my regular sneakers to play pickleball?

You can, but there’s a good chance your feet, legs and back will regret it the next day. The soles of regular sneakers don’t have enough support to endure the rapid movements of a pickleball player on a court. Also, regular sneakers don’t have the traction to keep you upright in a heated pickleball game as you travel the court at high speeds. A pair of pickleball shoes not only help your game, they can also keep you from injuring yourself.

  • Where do I get pickleball shoes?

You can get shoes for pickleball either online or in a bricks and mortar shoe store. It’s a good idea to try a pair of pickleball shoes on before deciding to keep them. You have to find the pickleball shoes that are most suitable for your feet. If you find a good price online for a pair of pickleball shoes, go to a traditional store to try the same pair of shoes on before deciding to purchase them online. This will help you to avoid returning a pair of shoes that you buy online without having any idea of how they will fit you.

  • Are there shoes made specifically for pickleball players?

No. There is no shoe that is made specifically for pickleball play. There are shoes made by many different manufacturers with features and qualities that contribute to the success of a pickleball player.

  • Can I wear my pickleball shoes in my daily life as well as during an actual game?

Yes. However, wearing your pickleball shoes in your daily life adds to the overall amount of wear and tear they take on. So, they won’t be at their very best for a pickleball game if you wear them on a daily basis to the grocery store, to work or around the house.

  • How long does a pair of pickleball shoes last?

Look on the sole as well as the upper of any pickleball shoe. You won’t find an expiration date like you would on a carton of eggs. How long your pickleball shoes last depends a lot on how often you play. The shoes of someone who plays pickleball five times a week will have more wear and tear than the shoes of someone who plays just once a month. The best way to gauge whether you need a new pair of pickleball shoes is to evaluate how they feel. Are they still giving you the support you need? Or, do you find that your feet and ankles are sore after every game? Are you getting the traction you need on the court as you switch directions and charge the net? Or, are you slipping around and feeling unsure about your footing? You know best when to replace your pickleball shoes. Of course, some brands of pickleball shoes are made with more care and a higher quality of materials than others.

  • How long does it take to break in these shoes?

Your pickleball shoes should feel more comfortable after playing approximately three or four games. This is especially true if you choose pickleball shoes with memory foam. The shoes start to feel more flexible and move with you as you run, twist and turn on the pickleball court. Wearing your pickleball shoes for a few hours in the evening before a pickleball game the next day can add to the comfort you feel when you’re running on the court.

  • Can I wear inserts in my pickleball shoes?

Yes. If you feel you need even more support in your pickleball shoes, you can put inserts into them. Sometimes, putting inserts into your pickleball shoes can help you get a few more months of use out of them. The best approach is to try playing one game of pickleball with inserts and one without so you can determine which option is more comfortable.

  • Can I wear flip-flops instead of pickleball shoes to play pickleball?

Only if you want to do a face plant in front of your opponent and anyone else who is observing the game. Wearing flip-flops during a pickleball game would be like having a skateboard tied to each of your feet. On the positive side, a pair of flip-flops may give you a nice tan during a summertime game of pickleball.

Pickleball is growing in popularity because it provides a player with aerobic exercise and increases flexibility. Plus, it is an inexpensive game to play requiring very few items of equipment. Last but not least, it’s fun! Here’s hoping that this list of answers to frequently asked questions guides you in finding a pair of pickleball shoes that help you move straight to the top of the scoreboard!

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