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Racquetball Shoes FAQs

If you want to play any sport to the best of your ability, you need to have the right footwear. The wrong shoes can not only compromise your ability to play well, but it can also put you at risk of injury. Racquetball is one sport where the type of shoe can be very important.

Racquetball requires a lot of quick turns and a firm, stable base to hit accurate shots. You also need a well-cushioned shoe that is comfortable and breathes. Here are a few frequently asked questions with answers to help you find the best pair of racquetball shoes.

  • What makes racquetball shoes special?

The first difference you will sense when looking at a pair of racquetball shoes up close is the sole. Tennis shoe soles enhance the ability to slide. However, racquetball shoes grip the court firmly.

The higher quality racquetball shoes have a wider sole made of a lightweight, non-marking gum rubber material. With the extra width, you’ll be more stable when hitting your shots. The gum rubber sole grabs the court and prevents sliding.

These features combine to provide you with a firm base and foot stability. This is important to help prevent you from rolling your ankle. A good pair of racquetball shoes will also have an upper material that laces securely to your foot, but is made with a material that breathes.

  • Why Can’t I just wear normal tennis shoes to play racquetball?

There are a couple of reasons why normal tennis shoes are not suitable for racquetball. One is the type of sole material. Tennis shoes have a smooth sole that is made with a harder synthetic rubber that actually promotes sliding. This type of sole is not recommended for playing racquetball.

  • Is there any difference between racquetball shoes of indoor courts and outdoor courts?

There is not a specific racquetball shoe designed for indoor or outdoor courts. However, the outsole type needs to be considered, especially when your focus will be indoors. Many indoor racquetball clubs require players wear shoes with non-marking soles.

There are racquetball shoes that use a tougher rubber for the bottoms. While racquetball shoes predominately use rubber soles that are non-marking, you should check before purchasing a pair for indoor courts.

Other than this possible difference in the type of sole, there is no major difference between racquetball shoes for indoor or outdoor courts. However, you plan to play on indoor courts, it’s a good idea to search for a brand that promotes having a non-marking sole.

  • Do racquetball shoes fit different than normal tennis shoes?

Since there is a great deal of stop-and-go activity in a racquetball match, you need shoes that fit securely to your feet. There are even rare instances where your foot may come in direct contact with the side of the wall.

You need racquetball shoes that fit tightly. For this reason, to get this secure feel you may find your racquetball shoe size to be around a half a size smaller than normal sneakers. Racquetball shoes are made to meet what is termed a natural foot shape.

This type of fit means the shoe contours very closely to the shape of your foot. There is little extra room in racquetball shoes, and this is an important part of their design. Take this factor into account when you decide on the right size racquetball shoe.

  • Many athletic shoes cost over $100, but do I need to spend that much for a good pair racquetball shoes?

There are racquetball shoes available that cost more than $100. However, there are a number of high quality brands that cost much less than that. The amount of money you decided to spend should take into consideration the level of player you are. Averaged priced racquetball shoes are fine for beginners to intermediate levels. Competitive advanced players would do well to consider the more expensive models.

  • How durable are racquetball shoes?

Gum rubber is one of the most durable materials for the sole of a shoe. If you are attentive not to wear your racquetball shoes outdoors unnecessarily, they will last a long time. Since the soles are so durable, the upper part of the shoe is actually an important gauge of durability.

Racquetball shoes that are 100% synthetic may breathe better than leather, but they will tend to stretch more over time. This gradually loosening of the fit is the most common reason for needing to replace racquetball shoes.

When the upper material begins to stretch over time, you will not be able to get the secure fit you need from a racquetball shoe. The most durable options will always have a non-marking gum rubber sole, paired with a high quality, breathable leather upper.

  • Are there men’s and women’s styles?

Presently, there are few choices for women racquetball players. There seems to be some sense that the brands who make shoes specifically for racquetball players appreciate this. Most styles, while they may only offer a model listed as men’s, come in smaller men’s sizes.

While the color and design may not be feminine, these smaller sizes at least offer a viable option for women players. There are a couple of high quality brands that offer a women’s racquetball shoe, but most suppliers currently have only a shoe listed for men.

Racquetball is a fast sport played in a confined area. You need to be able to shift your weight quickly, and establish a firm and stable base when striking the ball. Casual footwear is not recommended for playing racquetball. Even tennis shoes are not the right choice.

The first thing you’ll pick when deciding to play racquetball will be a good racquet. Equally important, will be the racquetball shoes you choose to put on your feet. A good pair of racquetball shoes will make a huge difference in how much you enjoy the game.

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