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For those who are looking for the best restaurant shoes, having a thick sole with inner cushion can provide support when standing or constantly moving at work for long hours. See my suggest:

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Restaurant Shoes FAQs

Ah, the joys of working in a restaurant. It’s a fast-paced environment. It’s fun. And, you get to meet new people and work with different crew members every day. It’s definitely not a boring job, by any means.

Each day brings on a new scenario of sometimes chaotic service and food preparation. And, things can get a little messy on the floor. There’s something different going on everyday. Working in a restaurant is also great exercise. Most, if not all, of your time is spent on your feet.

Some people love it and some people hate it. But, there’s one thing that they all have in common. They know what shoes to wear. Here are some things about restaurant shoes that are worth a read if you are in the industry.

  • What type of shoe is best?

It’s not so much about the type, as it is about the sole of the shoe. It absolutely has to be a nonskid, slip resistant shoe. If you’ve ever rounded a corner carrying a tray on your shoulder and hit a wet floor, you’ll understand exactly why nonskid shoes are a must. The floors in restaurant kitchen areas will still be slippery, especially around the dish-pit area. There’s only so much that can be done about that. But, you’ll have a little more confidence with nonskid shoes.

  • What makes a shoe nonskid or slip resistant?

The materials used to make the soles, as well as the way the tread is designed, will catch liquids on the floor and channel them away your shoes, keeping you from slipping. Normal soles will actually fight with a wet floor, and usually lose the battle.

  • How do I know if it’s a slip resistant shoe?

The sole should be stamped “slip resistant.” And, slip resistant isn’t the same thing as “oil resistant.” You may see advertising on the box that claims it’s slip resistant. But, if it’s not stamped on the sole, it will be a lower quality of nonskid shoe.

  • Are tennis shoes slip resistant?

Not unless the sole is stamped. While the soles of sneakers will give you more traction on a wet or greasy floor than a hard-soled shoe, their nonskid qualities can’t be compared to a nonskid shoe.

  • Are slip resistant shoes considered safety shoes?

While they are in the same category, there are many different versions of safety shoes specific for certain jobs. Steel-toed boots are an example of a safety shoe designed for someone working around heavy items. Some slip resistant shoes will have a steel-toe, and some boots will be nonskid. It just depends on the environment that they’re being used in.

  • Are nonskid shoes effective with snow?

Actually, their seemingly magical slip resistant qualities do now work well with snow. The snow will fill the treads of the soles, making them very slippery. Nonskid shoes are the most effective on wet, oily, or greasy floors.

  • Where is the best place to buy nonskid shoes?

You can find some great resources both online and at some of your local shoe stores. Some online sellers will even offer coupons to entice you to buy their products. You can also earn rewards by referring friends to online sites.

  • Are nonskid shoes more expensive than regular shoes?

They can be, but they don’t need to cost more. It also depends on what price you are used to paying for your other shoes. You’ll find them for as low as $20 and as high as $100 or more. You can even find some great, and very durable, designer brands.

  • How is the quality of nonskid shoes?

That’s where the cost comes in. With a high-quality pair of nonskid shoes, you should get at least a couple of years worth of use before the soles start to wear. Actually, the soles are so much stronger than other shoes that you will generally see more wear on the upper part of a nonskid shoe before the sole gives out. A cheaper quality and lower priced shoe will still be nonskid, it just won’t last as long.

  • Are there dressier nonskid shoes for managers?

Yes, there are, for both men and women. Some of the styles available are very trendy. You can even find safe, short heels for women.

  • What colors of nonskid shoes are available?

While black and brown used to be the norm, you can now go a little crazy with the color options, if you restaurant will allow it.

  • Can you wear insoles with slip resistant shoes?

You certainly can. It’s probably a good idea to get your shoes in maybe a half size larger than you usually wear to accommodate for the extra space. Or, you could get a size a little wider to make them more comfortable. If you are shopping locally, take the insert with you to find the right fit. It you’re shopping online, there are usually some fairly accurate sizing charts that will walk you through the process of finding the right size and width.

  • Do slip resistant shoes require any extra care?

You can clean them just like you would any shoe. The treads in the soles will pick up items on the floor a little more than a regular shoe, though. So, depending on how dirty the floors are in your working environment, you might spend a little time cleaning the soles. But, it’s time well spent.

If you were to survey restaurant employees to find out how many of them were actually wearing slip resistant shoes, you might be surprised to find that not everyone wears them, mainly for budget reasons. But if you ask the same people to tell you what they think that the best shoe is for a restaurant employee, they would all say the same thing. Without a doubt, slip resistant shoes are the best option.

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