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Bartenders tend to be cool individuals who understand the world of drinks. They also tend to epitomize pure comfort. If you’re interested in the best shoes for bartenders in 2019, you can find all of them right here.

Best Men’s Shoes for Bartenders

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Bartending Shoes FAQs

Finding bartending too interesting and wanting to get into the bandwagon but don’t know where to start? How about you start with finding good Bartender shoes? If you are not sure as to what type of shoes to wear on your first night, here are some of the common questions and answers that can definitely help you.

  • What are Bartender shoes?

Bartender shoes are stylish formal shoes designed to make bartending easier. These types of shoes are often available in black. If you accepted a regular gig at a bar as their regular bartender or you are just starting a career, having high-quality Bartender shoes is necessary to help you move around without putting too much strain on your feet, ankles, and legs. Bartender shoes will not just help you stay comfortable on your feet, it can protect your feet as well from broken glasses and from slipping on a wet floor.

  • What to look for in Bartender shoes?

If your favorite shoes are basketball sneakers, it definitely won’t hold long once you start working as a bartender. Aside from not holding with the long hours associated with your work, it won’t be able to protect your feet from occasional spills. Besides, you are bartending not playing basketball so better not ruin your fave basketball shoes.

For Bartender shoes, you should look for shoes that are slip resistant, comfortable to wear, has ventilation, waterproof or at least water resistant and stylish.

  • Can I use my office black shoes, so I don’t have to buy Bartender shoes?

Yes. Most black shoes that worn in the office are leather shoes and leather shoes are water resistant. If you have one and you are comfortable wearing it, standing, all the time, then yes you can use your office shoes. However, if you are wearing it during office hours and then use for your night gig at a bar, you might give your shoes a hard time.

  • Where can I buy Bartender shoes?

If you know your shoe size, you can order Bartender shoes online such as Amazon. Googling ‘where to buy Bartender shoes’ can also give you helpful results, all you have to do is read and check customer reviews before making a purchase. If you have time, you can also drop by at the nearest mall in your area to find Bartender shoes that fit you.

  • What are the popular brands of shoes that I can choose from for Bartender shoes?

There are a lot of brands that can provide comfort and support while you are doing your bartending. You can go for non-slip Skechers or non-slip Shoes for Crews. You can also check out Red Wing for its high-quality construction and natural cushioning. For women, Avery is a good brand to consider because it is waterproof and comfortable even after standing and walking for hours.

  • I Love leather boots; won’t it get stretched if I use it often as Bartender shoes?

Leather is a pliable material but if you will order a high-quality leather bartender boots, it shouldn’t stretch easily even after regular wear and tear. You can also use protective shoe cream to make it water resistant and to protect it from too much stretching. For your leather boots, order half a size smaller because you can expect it to stretch over time or after break-in.

  • Does design matter?

The truth is, NO. you will be standing behind your bar for most of the time, so your guests won’t even have a glimpse of your shoes. If you are going to purchase Bartender shoes, select the one that will give you comfort and protection then keep the design as your last consideration.

  • Can alcohol spills get cleaned from Bartender shoes?

Yes. You can easily remove alcohol stains from your Bartender shoes by wiping it with a soft, clean cloth. After removing the debris or wiping the alcohol, soak a cloth in warm water with soap. Clean your shoes with the cloth in a gentle, circular motion. Use a dry cloth to dry your shoes. If you have a leather Bartender shoes, apply a sealant and leather conditioner to bring back its new glow.

  • Can I use crocs as Bartender shoes?

Yes. Crocs are, in fact, one of the top choices when it comes to Bartender shoes because it is lightweight, and it has supportive footbed. The roomy toe box of crocs also gives your feet more air and ventilation. One of the qualities that crocs is known for is its non-slip outsole, giving you protection from water and alcohol spills on the floor. Crocs are easy to clean too.

  • Can I add orthotic insoles in my Bartender shoes?

Yes. It is advisable to have orthotic insoles in your Bartender shoes especially if your shift is more than 4 hours. That means standing and walking for more than 4 hours to assist every customer. If you will buy a new pair of Bartender shoes, make sure that it allows adding insoles.

  • How long to break in a leather boot Bartender shoes?

Depending on the quality and thickness of your leather boots, break-in time can take up to a month. Doc Martens leather boots, for example, can take up to two weeks to break it because of the leather material it is made of. Once you break it in, you can start enjoying the benefits of having leather boots for your bartending because boots provide excellent ankle support and it comes with shock absorbing soles.

When choosing Bartender shoes, your main consideration must be the support it can give you. You don’t have to worry about style as people won’t see what you are wearing down there, but your body can feel the strain if you are wearing ill-fitted Bartender shoes. For additional comfort and protection, always add insoles to your shoes. Remember, your feet is one of the most used parts of your body during working hours, treat it good by giving it high-quality Bartender shoes.

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