Best Shoes for Hairdressers 2019 Recommended

Hairdressers have to be on their feet for hours and hours each day. Hairdressing is a hard work, it can get pretty tiring. If you’re looking for all of the coziest and best shoes for hairdressers in 2019, You should read this article now!

Hair Stylist Shoes FAQs

Some of the fun and bubbly people to be around are hairstylists. However, behind their lively personality and pep, there are hidden pains. Hairstylists spend most of their hours standing, and this often takes a toll on their feet. Tired feet, sore feet, varicose veins, and swelling legs are some of the complaints among hairdressers. Working with regular shoes as a hairdresser won’t address any of these issues, but hairstylists can make a difference by finding the right footwear. Of course, these professionals want footwear that provides them support and stamina throughout the day along with an equal measure of stylish look. Hairstylists can only work at their best when they are in comfortable footwear. As such, hairstylists should consider some of the following questions when shopping for their work shoes.

  • What is the Shape of Your Feet?

Of course, everyone should be aware of the length and width of their feet before buying a pair of shoes. However, the shape of the feet is a critical aspect that hairstylists often ignore when they are shopping for their shoes. Unless a hairstylist is ready to deal with calluses and painful blisters and force their feet to conform to a pair of boots, they should take time to search shoes that fit them. Hairdressers have different shapes of feet, and one may need a boot that can meet their tastes and accommodate their needs. However, there are helpful features that hair stylists should look for in their shoes.

  • Do I Need a Stylish Boot?

Apart from clippings and the hair on the floor, the style of your footwear is probably the next thing your clients are likely to notice. Of course, a hairstylist is in the beauty industry, and their clients would expect them to be fashionable. Hairstylists working in an environment that limit their uniform choice should wear shoes that reflect their personality and style. However, finding work boots that have the same measure of comfort and style is often tricky. Hairstylists should take time to search for a pair of boots that suit their work and don’t compromise their comfort level.

  • How Lightweight Should these Shoes be?

As a hairstylist, you expect to be standing all day, so ditch shoes that seem heavy and thick. These have to complement the working environment and allow you to move around as much as you can. Heavyweight work boots will not only cause tiresome but also contribute to fatigue. The cushioning and material of these shoes are some of the factors that contribute to their overall weight. However, this doesn’t mean that stylists should avoid cushioned shoes because they are an essential ergonomic feature. Instead, hairdressers should at least go for a pair of boot that is foamed-based to allow air circulation. Polyester, nylon, and rubber are some of the lightweight materials that work well for hairstylist’s shoes.

  • How Do these Shoes Flex?

Shoes that are fitted with a hard flexing line are believed to aggravate numb toes, shin splints, and arch pain. However, bending the boots through the tip and the heel is one way to check their flexibility. The right boot should create enough crease along the flexing point to let hairstylists have sturdy support and comfort. However, these shoes shouldn’t bend too much as flexible boots often don’t provide the required support and structure for long.

  • How Do I Find the Right Boots?

Finding the right pair of boots to wear in a spa or salon can be an overwhelming experience. From work boots, slip-on sneakers, jelly shoes to crocs, hairstylists may not know where to start. However, functional constructions and features are some of the critical factors hairstylists should consider irrespective of the type of shoes they buy. Of course, everyone wants to invest in a shoe that can keep them gearing and eliminate arch pain.

  • Are these Boots Breathable?

Of course, everyone wants to ensure their work boots have air vents and ventilated mesh that can allow free flow of air. Perhaps a hairdresser already has foot fatigue and don’t want sweaty feet to add their discomfort. The last thing a hairstylist would want is to make their clients uncomfortable by their feet sweat. That’s why every hairdresser seeks to invest in work boots that are breathable. An example of a breathable work boot is the one made of a synthetic material such as open foams or nylon mesh that allow ventilation. Open losers and knits are another option to prevent foul odor and let feet cool down after a long day.

  • Which is the Preferred Heel Height?

Unfortunately, most hairstylists don’t know what material their work boots are made of. A comfortable arch and stability are all that matters when it comes to the ergonomic design of a hairstylist shoe. A pair of boots with the right support can work wonders to provide pain-relief and stability and lift the arches of a hairdresser. A hairstylist is bound to have foot pain episodes if their work boots lack features such as midsole pad and upper pad. Midsole can be in the form of foam, gel, or air midsole for cushioning and reduction of the impact of the foot when stretching or landing on the ground.

Quality comes at a high cost, and so do hairstylists shoes. Though most hairdressers don’t mind spending a lot of money on their work gear, it is crucial to purchase a pair of shoes that are worth it. Hairdressers might need to research and consult enough to make sure their investments are worth it. Hairstylist shoes include heels, fashionable boots, classic leathers, and slip-on, but whatever type of boot a hairdresser is into, the market has a variety for everyone. Look for a pair of shoe that has heel support and arch features to end nagging foot paints and provide comfort all day. Online shoe collections don’t limit shoppers of size, shapes, design, and color.

The article references the ranking of 10+ Best Shoes for Hairdressers Rated and Recommended by SolePage (Updated Daily).

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