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Have a look at the best shoes for hammer toes in 2019. Suffering from hammer toe is no joke. It makes getting the right footwear a massive chore.

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Hammer Toe Shoes FAQs

Finding the right shoes for hammer toe can be challenging. Hammer toe shoes can be foot skimming loafers, peep-toe pumps, and high-heeled. Apart from being fun to wear and stylish, shoes can cause painful deformity in the hammer toe. The following are frequently asked questions about hammer toe shoes.

  • What Causes Hammer Toe?

It’s a condition that refers to when an external force causes a toe to either bend down toward the foot or each other. The most involved toes are the second, third, and the fourth one, but the one that lies closet to the foot is the one that often gets affected. That condition can cause changes in the bone structure at the joint of these toes and make walking hard. The leading cause of hammer toe is wearing improper footwear. Shoes that compresses the feet and toes to the front are the leading causes of this condition. Over time, that compression will cause the toes to cross over each other and cause severe pain and deformity. The leading causes of deformity in the bone structure also cause this condition. Diseases such as Friedrich’s ataxia and Charcot-Marie-Tooth can weaken the structure of the muscles in the foot. That can only result in the misalignment of the bone structure in the toes but the entire foot as well.

People suffering from conditions such as arthritis are also at risk of developing hammer toe. However, arthritis is thought to be the cause of pain in such as a case and not the hammer toe. A damaged nerve can also cause pain in the joints of toes, but that doesn’t mean hammer toe has developed.

  • How are Hammer Toe Shoes Worn?

The initial cost of treating hammer toe costs nothing, and everyone can access it. The first remedy of this condition is merely stopping to wear high heels that are incredibly narrow. Wearing fitting shoes can help relieve hammer pain and allow toes to move to their right position. However, it might take a long while to reverse the damage with this treatment option. The damage can even be severe and necessitate further specialized treatment. However, ditching a shoe that constricts your toes can be the first step to recovering from hammer toe and enough to relieve its symptoms. Models that must wear high heels should wear comfortable boots until they get to the event venue and swap them out. You might also need to flex the toes and give the foot plenty of rest after taking high heels off and give them room to stretch. Experts recommend fitting hammer toe shoes in the morning, but keep in mind that your fit might swell and become large after a long working day. As such, you might need a pair of comfortable boot for the walk or drive to prevent foot pain and other health complications.

  • What are the Best Hammer Toe Shoes?

While one can wear a high-heeled boot to complement their outfit, a shoe that forces the toes to cross over each other and bend towards the foot can result in hammer toe condition. It is a condition that makes walking almost impossible and causes the underlying bone structure in the front of the foot and toe joints to pain. Choosing and wearing the wrong pair of shoes contributes towards the development of this condition. Your shoes should have enough room in the toe area for arch support. You also need to avoid hammer boots that are too perch or narrow to avoid constricting your toes. However, that doesn’t mean that all high-heeled shoes aren’t comfortable and can cause this condition. A comfortable hammer boot should not exceed one and a half inch in height. You may also need shoes with enough space around the balls of the foot. For example, kitten heels are fashionable and more stable than tall heels. You can also use various orthotic insoles for extra arch support, but make sure these soles can cushion the arch with gel and heel with pads. You can try insoles of different sizes or consult a podiatrist to make sure you have a comfortable and stable hammer toe shoe. Don’t hesitate to ask your doctor if you’re feeling pain as he or she can guide you even before you visit a specialist.

  • How to Choose the Right Hammer Toes Shoes?

You don’t have to stop being a stylist to find the right hammer toes shoes. It is possible to find stylish footwear that fits well and won’t exacerbate a hammer toe condition that exists. Online shoe stores have a selection of hammer boots for both women and men. Some stylish hammer boots come in the desired width for comfort. Whether one wants a fashionable casual or business footwear, lace-up, slip-on, and adjustable-strap hammer shoes get you covered. Hammer toe shoes are spacious enough in the toe area to ensure that their users won’t feel restricted or pinched at all after wearing them. In short, hammer toe shoes are an assurance of comfort. Ladies line of heels is as stylish and comfortable as men’s line of hammer toe footwear. These shoes come in various widths to fit everyone comfortably, and some come with adjustable straps to make your feet and toes as comfortable as possible.

  • How to Wear Hammer Toe Shoes without Ruining your Feet?

Of course, everyone would want to wear their favorite and stylish shoes to a party. However, you might need to cushion the heel to prevent foot pain and constricting the toe area. Experts recommend wearing heels for at most three hours, so ladies might need to bring their flat shoes with them to an event to prevent hammer toe. It’s also wise to avoid wearing heels on unstable surfaces such as cobblestones to prevent ankle twist or ligament stretch. Consider a heel that is less than 2 inches tall to eliminate pressure on the toe area.

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