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Finding the best shoes for high arches to support your foot and distribute weight properly can be a challenge. See recommended the right pair of shoes.


Best Men’s Shoes for High Arches

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High Arches Shoes FAQs

Are you suffering from the pain and discomfort of high arches, but don’t know exactly what type of shoes to get? Fortunately there are high arches shoes that you can purchase that will look good while relieving your discomfort. Use the following questions and answers to help you determine exactly which ones will work best for your needs. We will answer all of your questions about high arches shoes.

  • What are high arches shoes?

High arches shoes help combat the problems associated with having high arched feet. If you have high arches, there is only a small portion of your center foot that actually touches the ground. This isn’t enough to provide you with the support you need. High arches shoes are specially designed to give you the support you need to keep you balanced properly. Without this support, your feet can roll towards the inside and put you at a greater risk for a sprained or broken ankle.

  • How do high arches shoes work?

High arches shoes have a footbed with plenty of cushioning to keep the foot supported where the natural arch of the foot is too high. The footbed is sculpted to fit your foot comfortably. Some designs leave room for any special inserts you may be required to wear as well, and others have additional features that give you comfort such as wider toe area for those suffering from bunions and other painful conditions.

  • Do they make high arches shoes for men and women?

Yes, there are high arches shoes available for both men and women. High arches are not a problem restricted to one sex or the other. There are many styles available in your local retailers as well as online for everyone one.

  • Do I have to give up fashion to wear his arches shoes?

Today’s high arches shoes are just as fashionable as many of the other types of shoes that are available. You no longer have to wear ugly orthopedic looking shoes in order to achieve comfort. High arches shoes come in cute flats that you may never have thought possible to wear as well as higher heeled designs that used to be off-limits for those with high arches. These styles are perfect for showing off with skirts and cropped pants. Men will also find fashionable choices ranging from casual loafers to bold western boots.

  • What types of materials are used to make high arches shoes?

High arches shoes come in a wide range of materials. Synthetic materials are used in less expensive designs while high-end options can be found in leather or suede. The rule seems to be that if you can find regular shoes in a specific material, you are more than likely going to find high arches shoes made from similar materials. The footbed will be constructed from special materials that will give support while remaining comfortable. Rubber is often found as a support material while layers of memory foam can offer comfort.

  • Do they make athletic high arches shoes?

Once you begin shopping, you will find a large variety of athletic shoes available for those with high arches. Many of the top name brands now offer shoes that help you out when suffering from high arch. These shoes look no different on the outside than other athletic shoes do. They are offered in all of the trending colors and styles, but the inside of the shoe will be constructed with high arches in mind. Look for ones specific to how you intend to use them. A good walking shoe is perfect for daily use while running shoes are better suited to jogging or working out.

  • How do I know what size to buy when shopping for high arches shoes?

High arches shoes come in the same standard sizes you would use for any other shoe. If you are unsure about your exact size, go to a shoe store where they can help you measure your foot. Keep in mind that each brand may run slightly differently when it comes to sizes. The best way to ensure a good fit is to try the shoes on in person, but if you are going to order your shoes online, read customer reviews to see what they are saying about the sizes. This gives you an idea about whether they run small or large. Be sure to check their return policy as well, just in case they don’t fit properly.

  • How long will my high arches shoes last?

Just like with any type of shoe, how long it lasts will depend on how often you wear them and how you take care of them. If you wear your shoes on a daily basis, they will wear out sooner than ones you only wear for special occasions. Clean your shoes off according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, and store them properly in order to get the longest lifespan from them.

  • Do they make high arches shoes for children?

You can find high arches shoes for children, but they may not be as abundant as they are for grown-ups. They may be pricey when you consider that children outgrow their footwear quickly, but it is well worth the investment. Children need shoes that fit properly while they are still growing. This reduces the problems they may have with their feet later in life.

  • Can I get work boots made for people with high arches?

When working on your feet for several hours on end, it is very important to have a work boot that is made specifically for your high arches. High arches work boots are readily available and can alleviate much of the pain you would experience in regular work boots. A little research should lead you to the perfect pair for your job site. They come in a variety of ankle heights, materials, and with options like steel toes too.

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