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Getting around with knee pain is tough, especially when you have to use the stairs. Here are some of the best shoes for knee pain in 2019. See more top list:

Best Shoes for Knee Pain Reviewed & Rated

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Knee Pain Shoes FAQs

Your knees help you to maintain balance and support your movements when you’re walking, running or standing still. If you’ve ever wondered if there’s a link between footwear and knee pain, you’re not alone. Keep reading to get answers to some frequently asked questions about the relationship between shoes and knee pain.

  • Are my shoes the cause of my knee pain?

Think about the different types of footwear in your closet. Leading an active lifestyle requires you to switch between athletic, dress and casual shoes several times daily. It’s important to understand how shoes relate to knee pain. Your shoes can either lead to or help prevent stress and strain on the knee cap and in the joints, ligaments, and tendons. This stress can be the result of excessive walking or running required in some occupations and sports activity. Other causes include aging and diseases like arthritis. Navigating uneven surfaces, walking up and down stairs, climbing up or running down hills and even pedaling a bicycle can cause pain and inflammation in the hips and thighs that will eventually make its way to your knees. Shoes that are a poor fit or have worn soles and uneven heels should be replaced with a pair that’s designed to help alleviate the specific causes of your knee pain.

  • Will shoe inserts or orthotics reduce the amount of knee pain I have?

Inserts and orthotics may provide some pain relief. But for lasting relief, you’ll want to wear shoes that help with knee pain. Insoles that are purchased in retail stores only provide cushioning and light support for your feet. Even if you get custom orthotics to address structural problems in your feet and ankles, they may not fit well in all of your shoes. Keep in mind that inserts are temporary. Knee pain shoes are designed with durable arch and heel supports. Combined with the proper shoe size and width, they provide a long-term permanent solution for knee pain.

  • My doctor says that osteoarthritis is causing my knee pain. How will changing my shoes help reduce the pain?

Osteoarthritis is a common type of arthritis that affects many people. It affects the knees by causing progressive damage to knee joints, cartilage, and other joint tissue. Here are some do’s and don’ts to observe when shopping for knee pain shoes.

Don’t wear shoes that increase the load of weight-bearing on your knees. Extremely high heels, stilettos and sometimes clogs can put too much load on your knees.

Don’t go for too much arch support. Shoes that are too stiff doesn’t allow for adequate pronation. This inward movement of the foot redirects the impact so that your knee joints are not overworked.

Do look for shoes that recreate the biomechanics of walking barefoot. Choose an athletic or walking shoe that’s flat, flexible and soft.

Do select flexible soft dress shoes that expand with your foot movement. Pick a shoe that won’t constrict your foot and cause leg and knee pain.

Do let comfort be your guide. Even if a shoe is soft and flexible, if it’s not comfortable don’t buy it.

  • I have knee pain following an injury and surgery. Do I need to buy special shoes?

Knee pain shoes can help you to recover from knee injuries and support rehabilitation after knee surgery. Ask your surgeon and therapist what types of activities you’ll do during recovery. You may want a pair to use only for physical therapy and another pair of knee pain shoes for your most common everyday activities. Even after you’ve fully recovered, you’ll find that knee pain shoes can help to prevent re-injury.

  • Where do I find shoes especially for knee pain?

Start by talking to your doctor or orthopedic specialist. They can explain what you need and even recommend styles and local retailers. There are many manufacturers that specialize in designing shoes to help you manage knee pain. Here are three places you’re likely to find the right knee pain shoes.

Orthopedic shoe specialist – These shoe specialists may work with your doctor to get a prescription with the exact mechanics of your knees. They will discuss your lifestyle needs and offer custom fitting beyond what you can find in a regular retail shoe store.

Athletic store – The shoe department in an athletic store can help you find the right walking or running shoe. Athletic stores work with several brands and manufacturers and may be able to custom order a knee pain relieving shoe.

Online retailers – You can find online retailers that specialize in knee pain shoes or order directly from a manufacturer. Additionally, you can find specific types including dress shoes for knee pain or work shoes for knee pain.

  • Can I find knee pain shoes that are fashionable and appropriate for all occasions?

Many people feel they are limited to walking or comfort shoes. But knee pain shoes come in a variety of styles including sandals, men’s and women’s dress shoes, boots, and slippers.

  • How often should I replace knee pain shoes?

It depends on how often you wear the shoes and how much wear and tear you put on them during each use. If you’re a runner, you’ll want to replace your running shoes every 300 to 500 miles. A pair of walking shoes can last you anywhere from nine months to one year, or more, depending on how much you walk and how often you wear them. Examine your shoes inside and out. Consider replacing your shoes any time you notice that the:

  • Soles and tread pattern are worn
  • Heels are uneven or running over on one side
  • Inner sole cushioning is flat, damaged or no longer conforms to the shape of your foot
  • Sides are broken, dented and no longer provide arch support
  • Back of the shoe is torn, dimpled and no longer supports the heel of your foot

Knee pain shoes come in a variety of styles and colors for men and women. They provide support by correcting mechanical problems that affect your gait and cause knee pain. People of all ages and conditions can benefit from them. We hope this guide has given you the answers you need to find the right knee pain shoes that will provide you with immediate relief and lifelong comfort.


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