Best Shoes for Nurses 2019 Recommended

If you want to get access to all of the best shoes for nurses on the market, then this in-depth page can help you accomplish your goal. Explore nursing shoes that are comfortable, modern and easy to wear at the same time.

Nursing Shoes FAQs

Have you enrolled in a nursing school but is not sure on how to find the best nursing shoes? This complete Q and A about Nurse shoes will surely help you make that decision today. Common questions and answers about Nurse shoes will be provided to you today to help you choose the best Nurse shoes that will fit your need.

  • What are Nurse shoes?

Nurse shoes are closed toe shoes that can cover and protect not just the toes but also the heel of the wearer. It should also come with enough arch support to give the foot a good position even if the wearer keeps on walking and running. If you are a nurse of a big hospital, chances are you will have to run from rooms to rooms especially during emergency situations hence you should have a pair of Nurse shoes that can give you maximum foot protection and comfort while being slip resistant.

  • What type of shoes are Nurse shoes?

Nurse shoes are mostly easy to put on shoes like clogs and comes with qualities such as comfortable to wear even for a period of time, easy to walk with, and lightweight. Nurse shoes can provide stability in a fast-paced working environment like a hospital and breathability to your feet that wear it for up to 12 hours a day. Some types of nurse shoes like slip-on shoes can provide comfort without giving you a hard time putting it on and taking it off.

  • Can I use my sneakers as Nurse shoes?

Sneakers are comfortable to wear and allows you to move easily without hurting your feet. Most nurses are using nurse tennis shoes that allow them to run from one place to another without feeling many constraints on their feet. If you have a sneaker that you are comfortable wearing, you can use it. However, there are hospitals with strict dress code so consult with your supervisor first if you can use your sneakers for work.

  • Where is the best place to buy Nurse shoes?

There are different types of nurse shoes to choose from such as sneakers (if your hospital or work of place allows it), clogs, and slip on (if your hospital or work of place allows it as well). For sneakers, the best place to order them is from online stores where huge discounts are always available. As long as you know your size, you can easily find Nurse shoes online like Amazon.

If you have time and you want to test-fit your Nurse shoes first before ordering it, you can visit the nearest mall or department store in your area. For the best buying experience, only trust reliable online sellers. These are sellers with good ratings from their customers.

  • What to look for in Nurse shoes?

Since nurses work up to 12 hours a day standing and walking around, it is important to look for nurse shoes that can give you support and balance, comfort for your feet, good grip, and ventilation. Ventilation is very important hence slip on and clogs are highly popular among nurses.

  • Can I add orthotic insoles with my Nurse shoes?

If you are wearing a Nurse sneaker shoes then yes, you can add orthotic insoles for added comfort. Remember that once you add orthotic insoles, you will have extra padding in your soles and if your sneakers are not designed to have an added insole, it might cause discomfort to your feet. Before purchasing nurse shoes, ask your seller first if it is compatible with orthotic insoles.

  • Can I wear compression socks with my Nurse shoes?

Wearing compression socks is highly recommended to all nurses who need to stand for a period of time during their shift. Even if you are wearing a clog or a slip on, you can wear a compression sock to improve blood flow on your legs. Aside from protecting your calf and ankle, compression socks can also keep your legs warm if you are working in a cold environment.

  • What are the top three most popular Nurse shoes online?

If you will search for Nurse shoe brands online, the most popular brands are Danko, Skechers, and Nurse Mates. These brands offer three things in common – slip-on designs, comfort, and protection. When choosing a Nurse shoe brand to trust, always read customer reviews first.

These brands are also known for their durability. When buying Nurse shoes, take it as an investment. It is best to buy expensive Nurse shoes that can protect your feet and legs while allowing you to work in comfort than to buy cheap Nurse shoes that you need to replace after a few months.

  • Is style important when choosing Nurse shoes?

Yes. You can stay in style with your nursing shoes if you know how to look for shoes that are appropriate and comfortable. For work appropriate, you should choose Nurse shoes that follow guidelines in terms of color, close toe or clogs, and material. For work comfortability, you should choose Nurse shoes that fit you well, flexible, lightweight, and slip resistant.

  • Should I get two Nurse shoes?

Yes, if you can afford it. If you are working on a regular basis and you are working in a busy environment, it is best to have two or three pairs of Nurse shoes. You can use two different Nurse shoes in a day, your lightweight and comfortable sneakers for rounds and walks and your clogs in places where a threat of a spill is possible like in laboratories.

In addition, you can use each pair of shoes every day to give your other pairs a rest and to avoid wear and tear easily.

Your shoes are one of the important things that you should invest on as a nurse because you use them every day. Your Nurse shoes will also save your feet from potential strains and pains after a long day of walking, running and standing at work.

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