Best Shoes for Wide Feet 2019 Recommended

Wearing shoes that are too tight can lead to additional problems such as corns and bunions. To avoid pain and discomfort from too tight shoes, learn more about the best shoes for wide feet in 2019 recommended.


Best Men’s Shoes for Wide Feet

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Wide Feet Shoes FAQs

Do you have wide feet but are not sure if wide feet shoes are worth it? The following is a comprehensive Q and A that will answer all the questions you have about wide feet shoes. We cover everything from ”What are wide feet shoes?” to ”Do wide feet shoes come in dressy styles?”

  • What are wide feet shoes?

Wide feet shoes are a line of footwear designed for wider feet. These shoes relieve the pain associated with shoes that are to narrow for your feet. They won’t pinch or bind your foot as some shoes do. Instead, they provide plenty of space for the width of your foot as well as wiggle room for your toes. They can also provide comfort for those suffering from bunions, hammertoe, or ingrown toenails.

  • What are wide feet shoes made out of?

Wide feet shoes are made out of the same materials that traditional footwear is constructed from. This ranges from synthetic materials to high-end leather. The materials used mainly depend on what style of shoe you select. The soles are similar to any shoe’s sole. Most of them are designed with the same rubber used for the soles on traditional pairs.

  • Do I need to size up when buying wide feet shoes?

No, you do not need to size up when purchasing wide feet shoes. These specialty shoes are already designed with your wider foot in mind. Unlike traditional shoes that will be way to narrow for your foot unless you do size up, you can go ahead and get your normal shoe size when buying wide feet shoes. It is always a good idea to try them on just to be sure of the fit. Sizing can vary from one manufacturer to the next. If you are ordering them from an online retailer, choose your normal size, but make sure they allow returns just in case they don’t fit perfectly.

  • Do wide feet shoes come in dressy styles?

Wide feet shoes are available in many attractive styles that look dressy for both men and women. Sandals, in both high heels and flats, are offered in wide width sizes as well as casual flip-flops. You will also find dressy pumps available along with dress boots for men and women. Men will also discover many loafers in attractive leathers being offered that will look amazing with suits and formal attire.

  • Will wide feet athletic shoes be too sloppy on my feet?

Wide feet shoes are designed to fit your foot perfectly. This includes athletic designs. The manufacturer has already taken into consideration the shape of a wider foot, and has constructed the shoe’s upper to conform to it. This means that you don’t have to give up support to have a wider shoe. Look for running shoes, walking shoes, and other sport-specific footwear offered in wide feet shoes.

  • Why do wide feet shoes feel too big even though I have a wider foot?

If your feet are too wide across to feel comfortable in a traditional shoe but feel like they are swimming inside of a wide width shoe, you may need a boxed toe shoe rather than wide feet shoes. Boxed toe shoes remain a traditional width throughout most of the shoe’s length, but they widen out as they approach the toe area. Feet seldom come in standard sizes. Experiment with wide feet shoes from different manufacturers, or try ones with boxed toes, to find out which style is best for your feet.

  • Will wide feet shoes stop my feet from falling over the sides of the soles?

If you find your foot falling over the edge of your shoe’s sole, you definitely need to invest in wide feet shoes. Wide feet shoes don’t just give more room in the upper for your feet. Wide feet shoes have wider soles to compensate for the entire width of your foot. The wider sole, used in combination with an upper that provides plenty of support, will keep your foot centered on the sole perfectly.

  • How long will my wide feet shoes last?

Wide feet shoes are just like traditional shoes when it comes to how long they will last. High-end materials used in a quality shoe will hold up much longer than cheaper synthetic materials found in poorer designs. This doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune to have a shoe that lasts. Wide feet shoes come in a wide range of prices as well as qualities. A little research before making a purchase will help you determine the better quality options. Another factor when it comes to how long wide feet shoes will last is how often you wear them. Shoes bought for daily wear will always wear out sooner than the ones you only wear on special occasions.

  • How do I take care of my wide feet shoes?

You will take care of your wide feet shoes in the same way that you would care for traditional footwear. Sneakers and similar athletic shoes can often be washed in the washing machine and left out to air dry without harming them. Boots and dress shoes need to be wiped clean and spruced up with a good shoe polish from time to time. Sandals can be wiped with a damp cloth to remove dirt and grime. Always check the manufacturer’s specific instructions for care before washing any shoe to ensure that they don’t become damaged.

  • Do I need longer laces for wide feet shoes?

If you normally try to make do with traditional shoes by sizing up in order to compensate for your foot’s width, you are probably buying longer laces for them. When you purchase wide feet shoes, the designer has already thought of this. They have compensated with additional material to reach more comfortably over your foot so you don’t need to purchase longer laces.

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