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The best wrestling shoes are shoes that are made for the wrestling mat. Choose team colors that set you apart is part of what makes them the best wrestling shoes for athletes.

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Wrestling Shoes FAQs

Wrestling features in the list of the oldest sports to have ever existed. It made its debut around the 700 BCE during the ancient Olympics, and in fact, wrestling entered the scene a few years before the first Olympic Games were played. Nonetheless, the standard wrestling witnessed then isn’t the same wrestling we see today. The focus of wrestling back then was to immobilize and overpower and wrestlers would fight while naked based on the evidence the time the sport was founded. Like other sports such as football, wrestling equipment manifests out of necessity and safety. The damage that squished areas, concussions, and slips caused has led to a massive change in the types of equipment that wrestlers use. For example, modern wrestling shoes are durable and dynamic enough to make a wrestler comfortable. In the beginning, wrestlers were only meant to fight using upper bodies and arms, but the introduction of footwork and freestyle wrestling has made stability in wrestling more crucial than ever. The following are the most frequently asked questions about wrestling shoes.

  • What Materials are Used for Making Wrestling Shoes?

Shoppers that are used to rummaging through sales yards have perhaps come across a pair of wrestling boot that is lying around. Wrestlers would in the past let curiosity get the best out of them before they pick a pair of wrestling shoes that fit them. At first glance, a shopper might think that wrestling boots are made out of leather. However, not much has changed in wrestling shoes since most shoes feature either a mesh body or leather. Mesh shoes are known for their top-notch circulation while leather ones contain a lot of moisture. These are some of the features wrestlers should keep track of to prevent instances such as the development of a foot fungus. The sole is one of the few changes that were made on wrestling shoes. Wrestling shoes were made out of leather or a piece of wood before the introduction of rubber soles. Ever since shoe makers begun to use rubber on wrestling shoes, the sport and wrestling boots have undergone a massive alteration. Nowadays, brands such as Adidas use rubber soles to make wrestling shoes to increase the stability of wrestlers and enable them to outperform their opponents. Wrestlers can sometimes get boots that come with extra studs that aid in the creation of a large amount of friction.

  • What Types of Wrestling Shoes are Available in the Market?

Wrestlers can only understand the difference in various wrestling shoes after comparing their soles. For example, wrestlers can distinguish a uni-sole boot if its tread continues from the heel to the toe. In contrast, a wrestler is using a split sole boot if its bottom is cut into two pieces. In most cases, the area near the heel and the front of a wrestling shoe is separated with a piece of tread. Split shoes tend to be a more optimal choice for wrestlers who prefer a more flexible shoe. On the other hand, a uni-sole boot tends to work excellently for a wrestler interested in an excellent grip. Nonetheless, new people in the wrestling world often settle for the pair of shoes that they feel comfortable on in their feet.

  • How Much Do Wrestling Shoes Cost?

The question that often pops up in the mind of a parent whose child has just ventured into the wrestling world is how much do wrestling shoes cost. However, the price tag of each type of wrestling shoe tends to differ based on factors such as the material used and design. Wrestling shoes with fewer fancy features can cost as low as $50. However, experienced wrestlers would find that the cheapest and simplest wrestling shoes might deter their performance. While a professional wrestling boot can cost as much as $200, wrestlers should view it as an investment. Expensive wrestling features often come with custom features that a beginner wrestling shoe don’t have.

  • How to Fit Wrestling Shoes?

The way to fit wrestling shoe depends on a myriad of factors such as the size and shape of a foot. For example, experienced wrestlers who want to perform professionally prefer a wrestling shoe that is a snug fit. Of course, top-level wrestlers don’t expect their feet to grow anymore after a certain age. However, purchasing a wrestling boot that is a little bit spacious can be wise for a wrestler who feels that his or her body is still growing. The size of wrestling shoes may also vary depending on their specific brand. Adidas and ASICS are the most preferred brands, as their manufacturers use a unique system of shoe size. The system works by a wrestler choosing a shoe that is a little larger than their standard size.

  • How Many Wrestling Pairs are Needed?

Of course, wrestlers should avoid relying on only one pair of wrestling shoes because they might need a second pair at some point. Wrestlers are encouraged to have at least two pairs of shoes, where one is used for competition and the other one for practice purposes. Hopefully, wrestlers will ask themselves these questions before choosing their preferred wrestling shoe. Online shoppers should first look for original wrestling shoes in local stores before ordering online. Wrestlers might also need to test their wrestling shoes in advance to narrow down their choice. Asking yourself these questions will ensure you have a functional wrestling shoe that can enhance your performance and ultimately make you win tournaments.

  • What to Expect from a Wrestling Shoe?

Wrestlers should look for a few critical qualities such as ankle support, sole grip, flexibility, and lightweight when looking for wrestling shoes. The conditions of a wrestling shoe improve as the price scale goes up, but again, beginners shouldn’t be concerned with buying the best brand in the market. Instead, as a beginner, you should only mind about getting a wrestling shoe that fits your current level of skill. Many quality wrestling shoes are designed for effectiveness and durability, and their price point goes up as a wrestler grows from an amateur to a pro.

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