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Zumba Shoes FAQs

Looking to get into Zumba seriously but not sure what shoes to get or if the sneakers you have already will cut it? Look no further than this comprehensive Q and A of all the questions you could possibly have about Zumba shoes! Here we cover a wide variety of questions related to Zumba footwear including, “What are Zumba shoes?” to “Can I wear orthotic insoles with my Zumba shoes?” If you have questions about Zumba shoes that you need to be answered right now, keep reading!

  • What are Zumba shoes?

Zumba shoes are athletic dance shoes designed specifically for Zumba and Zumba style workouts. These shoes help create traction and friction on the dance floor as well as make quick pivots easy and safe for ankles by using specific pivot points on the soles of the shoes. If you dance Zumba on a regularly, definitely consider investing in a pair of high-quality Zumba shoes to help improve your workouts. They will keep your ankles and feet comfortable and safe as well as improving your traction on the floor.

  • What type of shoes are Zumba shoes?

Zumba shoes are typically athletic, lightweight shoes with various qualities such as moisture wicking and rubber soles. They provide comfort, stability, breathability, mobility, and flexibility. Depending on the brand and model, some shoes have special features such as extra cushioning for ankle and foot support or special structure for arch support.

  • I already have athletic/running shoes, do I really need a new pair of shoes just for Zumba?

The short answer is- yes! While sneakers and other athletic shoes are great for what they do, namely, give you traction while going forward, they’re not made for helping you move and spin in every direction. You wouldn’t wear soccer cleats to play basketball, right? If you want to be safe and get the best out of your workout, a pair of shoes made for Zumba is your best bet.

  • Where do I find these Zumba shoes?

With the massive popularity of Zumba these days, you can find Zumba shoes in nearly every shoe store nationwide, especially sports shoe stores and athletic footwear stores. If you don’t want to bother going to the store or dislike the inconvenience, Amazon is a great online alternative. They have tons of different styles, most with very detailed reviews that you can sift through to find the best price, fit, and style for you. There are various other online stores as well, which you can find with a quick Google search for “Zumba shoes online”.

  • When should I replace them/how long does one pair last?

Generally, if you’re dancing fairly regularly and NOT wearing the shoes outside of class (bad idea, ladies!), they will last anywhere from 6 months to a full year. However, if you do wear them as regular shoes to the grocery store or the mall, they will wear out much, much faster. It’s best to come to class in your regular shoes, and have your Zumba shoes in your gym bag so you can pop ’em out and get ’em on!

  • Does it hurt to break in Zumba shoes? Will I have blisters all over my feet and be in agonizing pain?

Zumba shoes do have to be broken in. It’s a quick and easy thing, so don’t worry. Luckily, there is zero pain in the process. Just put them on and walk around a little on some carpet and then give them a mini twirl with a light 10-minute dance. This will loosen up the shoes a bit and get you used to the feeling of having them on. That should be good enough to get them sorted for a full workout later on.

  • Is it possible to wear orthotic insoles with my Zumba shoes?

The makers of these shoes know that many women like to or need to wear orthotic insoles, and as such, it is totally possible! It’s very important that you are completely comfortable in your Zumba shoes, and if you need orthotic insoles for that, then go right ahead. However, keep in mind that if you plan on wearing insoles, you should probably choose a standard style rather than a minimalist style. The minimalist style is smaller and has less room for extra padding, possibly making it a bit uncomfortable to wear orthotic insoles with them.

  • Does the Zumba brand make their own shoes? Do I need those specifically?

Yes, Zumba does make their own shoes and they’re actually pretty great! However, it’s not absolutely necessary to buy your Zumba shoes from Zumba; various other shoe brands make them as well, and they can be just as excellent and high quality. Puma, Reebok, Asics, Ryka, and many more brands have Zumba shoes, with a wide range of prices and styles so that anyone can find their perfect pair.

  • Can I just dance barefoot?

If you don’t want to buy new shoes .. Yes, you can! If you’re specifically taking the “Barefoot Zumba” class. That class has moves that are made specifically for dancers without shoes on. This class helps dancers strengthen their muscles and bones in their ankles and feet by having everyone dance without the support of shoes. However, it is NOT recommended that you go to a normal, regular Zumba fitness class barefoot, as this can significantly increase the risk of injury, both from the moves themselves and also from being stepped on by fellow dancers who do have shoes on.

Zumba is a great form of exercise for adults and children and even the elderly- basically, for everyone of all ages. It can be done in group exercise classes or even on your own. Zumba shoes are an important investment you should make if you dance Zumba with any kind of regularity. Hopefully, this Q and A answered some of your questions about Zumba shoes in general!

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